What's My Size?

Here we explain how to measure your teeth to determine your size.

Step 1. Decide on your Style.

Step 2. Determine Your Size. Hardwear Teef are made of low-melt plastic. They are rigid and go back much further in your mouth than the one-size-fits-all competition, therefore you must specify a size to get a good fit.

There are two ways to determine your size:

1. Measure as shown, or
2. Download & print the Bite-O-Meter

Step 3. Order your teeth

1. Use our secure shop cart
2. Call us M-F, 10-5:30 EST at

VOICE 1-800-925-BUKK (2855)

When your teef arrive, they are smooth on the back. You get instructions on how to soften the back side with steam, and modify them so they fit you and only you. This is a one-time process and from then on, you can snap them in anytime without dental adhesives.

The width from outside surface to the opposite outside surface of your 2nd tooth behind the canines is how to determine your size. Bite on a ruler to figure it out.

Small = 1-3/4″ or less. 
Medium = 2″.
Large = 2.-1/4.

Download the Dr. Bukk Bit-O-Meter, a pdf file which will print accurately.