Toof Pichure Gallery

Take a look at some of our most memorable smiles!

Naturally, celebrities, who insist on nothing but the best, are numerous among the Bukk Fambly. They rely on their fake teeth to help them sidestep rude and obnoxious autograph hounds and tabloid journalists who continue to invade the personal lives of celebrities relaxing on beaches, playing Texas Hold ‘Em in card clubs, and even just outside their own luxurious homes. From Payne Stewart to Martin Scorcese, Dr. Bukk has helped the suffering celebs enjoy a semi-normal level of privacy. However, most celebrities are sensitive about their public image and don’t like to be photographed wearing their Dr. Bukk teef!

Todd entered this photo of himself in an online contest. He didn’t score too high, but Dr. Bukk likes it a lot! Nothing like a hairy belly to turn the girls into jelly.

Bukk Babe is looking so good, this 50 lb. King Salmon was angling for a lip lock.

Miss Henrietta Baldgash photographed on the day she jumped the broom. Below, see the loverly couple.
Don’t go wandering in the Canadian wilderness, or you might run into this Fambly!
Snake and Peach Tangeray created this warm and fuzzy Christmas card!
Maybe the reason her smile was so enigmatic is demonstrated here by Cooter A. Fire.
“Stumped” by Cort Chugger & Cooter A. Fire

Agent Jack Devereaux, international man of mystery, interrogates the Spice Girls about their savvy moviemaking and plans to overthrow the Windsors.

Twangin’ D. Twitty was crowned in the Miss Yellow Springs beauty contest. She says she couldn’t have beaten the competition without her Bukks.

Isn’t Miss Twitty pretty?

Witness this successful pickup job. There is no denying the erotic magnetism of Dr. Bukk teef!

“The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’,” exults Cletis Lee Dupree and Jimmy Krackorn.

This man sells magnets, and seems to knows lots about magnetism. He put this picture on the back of the company catalog!

Unlike the failed Heavens Gate cult, the Bukk Fambly continues to attract converts at ever-increasing rates.

Sisters Lucy Lips and Barbara Aweewee aim to get a bunch of begotten checks when their new movie premiers.

And heaven knows they deserve them, as their tireless efforts on behalf of Dr. Bukk are responsible for hundreds of souls saved from looking too good.

 Fambly member “Snack Bar Gross” got an emergency audience with the pope, while thousands of other supplicants had to wait hours in line.

Ima Pornstar and Trey Lerpark visit the mothership, “Bukkingham Palace.”

A powerful image of sympatico with minority concerns presented by Donald Bob, fambly member. As a white man, Donald had been passed over for promotion many times, untill Dr. Bukk fixed him up. Now he’s a powerful TV executive with plenty of time to play with Adobe Photoshop

 Les Johnson and his fambly turned a telemarketing nightmare into an opportunity for revenge against the pestilential Olan Mills clan. The chain is currently rethinking their marketing plan.

Researchers Jim Bob Awewe and Lou’s Lips hold a specimen of the first hybrid cross between a Coho Salmon, Walleye and Muskie, known as the Kowalski. Here, they are showing the fish how to swim.

Clinical counselor Mr. Chip Hobday has been engaged by the Clinton adminsitration to counsel staffers on “Lowering Your Self-Esteem” and “Facial Contraception.”

Bukk patients hanging out with a local dentist in Burma

My favorite flyboys Shoota Sizzler and “The Burmese Python” make friends with a dentist who really enjoys a good smoke every now and then. But even in Burma, you have to go outside now.