I was at the Minnesota Vikings game, the one where if we won we went to the Super Bowl. We'll I did my purple mohawk up and painted Vikings horns on my head went out to tail-gate before the big game. Of course I was sporting my cowcatchers. While walking around parting before the game, people were freaking out about my hair & my horns & everyone was asking to get a photo with me, then when they would see my teef, they really freaked out! Then this guy comes running up and he too has some Dr. Bukks in. It was a total gas man. These teef are the best thing that has ever happened to me. They go with me everywhere and everywhere I am the life of the party. (Not like I wasn't before.) So I've attached a photo of me and some Vikes fans and the other dude with the teef. Feel free to post it in the Fambly Photos section. If you do, let me know. I want to see it. Thanks and thanks!

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