Trailer Park FAQs

Do you have a question or comment? Over the years, thousands of folks did, and most of them were boring! This FAQ was created to save energy.

  • Can I link to your page?
    Of course. Here's an icon to download, if you want it: gmhom.jpg

  • We have better/more mobile homes than you do.
    Virtually every place in the Southeast is a"city on wheels." What could be cause for greater celebration than affordable living and creative landscapes?

  • How can you possibly make fun of poor people?
    Poor people? Ever been outside the U.S? Compared to most poor people in the world, these folks are rich, lazy slobs living pretty well off of your tax dollars. This is a study in anthropology, on a particular culture, looking into reasons why these folks suffer so much from storms and such. Can you say "flying debris?"

  • What's a Trans-Camaro?
    It is a mutational vehicle, found mostly in trailer parks, with parts interchanged from a Firebird, a Camaro or a Trans-Am.

  • Is all the mail on your page for real? Do you edit them?
    Not the spelling or grammar but sometimes they are cleaned up. And, yes, all the e-mail is for real.

  • You suck/get a life.
    Please provide some compelling details about your opinion by emailing [email protected]

  • Are you a yankee intent on making fun of Southern culture and heritage?
    No, I was born, raised, and continue to reside in Georgia. My ancestors helped to shove the Creek and Cherokee nations out of the way, and fought for the Confederacy.


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