The Mailbag

Hey, this is the funniest and saddest part of the site! From now on, you can address your praise or anger to Dr. Bukk. Letters of praise are not very entertaining, though appreciated, so this page reprints the views of those who are disgusted by GMHoM.


You are an unsophisticated a-hole. The people of Ms. are the hardest working in the U.S.. They do not ask for handouts (ala Katrina), they started rebuilding w/o help & show their great southern charm that impresses everyone that goes to help. It is a state that really symbolizes the true American spirit. What do you symbolize??? (other than your LARGE cavity between the rear of your legs--or both front & rear?)
You disgust me. You are in absolutely NO way accurately portraying Mississippi. I haven't had the chance to look at your other pages, but I'm a little disgusted and am reluctant to look at the rest of your site.

Granted, I'm from Mississippi and I can't wait to graduate cocllege so I can leave (yes, people from Mississippi DO go to college), but people who make such grosse, FALSE exaggerations about the state in which I was born and raised not only piss me off, but it makes me hate the American populace even more for their sheer ignorance and stupidity.

I'm about to go a little Southern on you...

...I think people like you should be drug out into the middle of the street and be beaten until just a little sense of respect and propriety enters your feeble brain.

Webmaster says: Bring It On!!!! Being from Georgia, I've never suffered any of this tragic stereotyping.

I think your website is disgusting. I live in Mississippi and I am offended about your website. I understand that ignorant people like yourself have to stereotype Mississippians because you think you are funny. Well, you are NOT funny. Your website represents your stupidity and ignorance!!!!!!!
Dear Whatever your face,
One of the pictures you have on your site is of my parents home and I think that you are disgusting...Did you get permisson to use their home on your site......NO..I think not! My dad is totally pissed and will find out how to get your site revoked!! So be prepared to deal with Trailer Trash BITCH!!
Did you by chance notice what appears to be a couple of nice chrome nude babes mounted to the grill of the white two-door Ford that is posing in front of the tornado-proof trailer with the tires on the roof? Such flashy additions to a gas guzzeling redneck cruiser like this no doubt would enhance the owner's potential to pick up those "lot lizzards" that frequent many of the high class truck stops throughout the south.
Ok. Here's the low down on all the southern stuff. We do it all to keep damn Yankees away. Hell's fire we don't want your short patience, superiority complexes and brilliant ideas (as well as your obsession with Wal Mart). You move here, buy wooded lots and the first thing you do is clear it and pour concrete. The second thing is try to get on city councils to "improve" things.

See, here in the south we have figured out the path of least resistance to a happy, uncomplicated life. No hamster wheels for us, no sir. We buy mobiles so when they rot to the ground, we roll that puppy out and put another one there. When you get one that you just cannot destroy, you brick around it and all of a sudden, you are "up town" folk. Screw all that painting, calking and landscaping. We can still see the beauty of that old pickup, on blocks or not (besides we know if it's a 4x4, we can use it to sink a well). It's in the eye of the beholder, you know. Let the weeds grow. In the north, that's naturalizing and those idiots pay big bucks for that.

We promote mosquitoes, ticks, deer flies, dog flies, horse flies.They can be entertaining (especially tick checking, our form of foreplay) and they keep the whiney Yankees away. Keep pouring all that sweet smelling crap on yourselves. It's killing us when we smell you 4 aisles away, but we know the bugs are gonna love you.

We don't fight over jobs. We know we'll go from convenience store to waitress, to cook and if we really luck out, land at the Dollar Store or the mill. Why squabble. Just wait your turn cuz nobody is gonna stay on the job for long anyway. There's only one reason for working and that's for getting what ya need and after that, jobs just interefere with hunting and fishing (and laying out Saturday night).

We would miss the Yankees if they all went home, as who in the hell would we pull practical jokes on then. They are dumber than a tree knot and if we make our eyes real wide, we can get em to believe anything and get em to do most anything. Whew, the hours of chuckles we have enjoyed on the front porch with our stupid Yankee stories. Some of em are so good they've been around for 4 generations! Best of all, those suckers pay top dollar for property here and Lord knows we need some people who actually do pay taxes.

Y'all can have your little comments and laugh your ass off all you want. But we already figured out what it's gonna take y'all another 100 years to evolve to. And if you are a damn Yankee reading this, I am just kidding Puddin'. Y'all just keep on comin' down.........

Your 'trailer' webpages are missing true 'house' trailers. My wife is a property appraiser, often called upon by banks to appraise 'houses'. I often go with her and help her measure them. We've pulled up to regular looking wood houses, fine brick homes, two story homes with concrete slabs,only to find out that at the heart and center of them were fine 'mobile homes'. (lol)

It is unbelievable how much money some people will spend on a trailer. No matter how much they spend and how good it looks, it is still a trailer and is valued as a trailer! And do you think the banker was upset when the foreclosure on a nice 2-story home with a pool and lake out back turned out to be an old double-wide trailer with a high-priced loan that documented it as an expensive house!

I was walking through some 'peripheral' rooms of this house admiring the handiwork, then went to look out the back door and said "That's strange, they have a trailer door here." Then going back through the kitchen (very dim) I said "The cabinets look like trailer cabinets!". Then "The sink and plumbing look like trailer plumbing! The paneling in this room looks liker trailer paneling! I think they have built a house around a trailer!" Sure enough, around back in an opening we could see the trailer axles! They built an upstairs floor, rooms all the way around a double-wide, with a couple of porches - part of the house is on a concrete slab!

Soooo, you came to Ms. and got yer Ass kicked. This is your version of "payback"?
I am from the State of Mississippi and for your information, not everyone lives in a trailer, but those who do, and I live in one, are not necessarily trash. I am now attending college to further my education in Respiratory Therapy and do not appreciate you making everyone who lives in trailers out to be white trash. There are white trash trailers in the South, I am not going to deny it, and those of us who are not living in them are working very hard to rid ourselves of that reputation, but they are not the majority. In fact, if you had even the slightest clue what you were talking about, you'd know that. Now, if you would be so kind as to remove your arrogant head from your behind and close your uneducated mouth.
I just want to know what the heck a TransCamaro is. Is it some sort of Camaro / Trans Am hybrid that Chevrolet and Pontiac have muted together, or is it just a generalization for the two GM cars? By the way, I am from Mississippi, I am a southern Baptist, I do not live in a trailer, but I'd love to put my foot up your ass. Ah-Ha! At last an explanation of the term "foot-washing Baptist".
Where do you live? I think you are wrong to make fun of the Southern US. We have suffered enough. How about making fun of homes in the north east? There a lot of nice things about Miss, and Miss. has some beautiful houses. Not everybody is retarded in Miss.

(Duh, this site is a parody of those taxpayer supported Mississippi tours of antebellum homes.. And there seems to be at least one retard) -ed.

Its really sad that you make fun of poverty. You must be really insecure and a total asshole. How much money have you donated to help poverty stricken Americans? How much time have you spent on helping out your community? Do you think these people like how they live? Why dont you spend more time helping out others than posting crap like the Mississippi Mobile home website..Loser.
Educated in Mississippi (but probably a yankee)
i love trailors they are the bomb even thouv i don't live in a trailor its always been my dream to become scum.
you ought to be ashamed of yourself for distributing this material. i'm only 13, but i know by now not to make fun of people and the way they live. y'all have lived much longer than me and I think maybe now is the time to grow up and get a life!Some people cannot help how poor they are and they have feelings,too!
What I think most people don't realize about your website is that much of it is true. I live in Alabama (in a brick house) close to many horrible trailor homes, and you are absolutely correct and dead-on accurate about most of this stuff. I have seen many Trans-Ams and old tires in my day, and even a few mobile home churches.

True story: Once I delivered a pizza (back when I used to do that) to a trailor out in the middle of nowhere. What siding was left on this trailor was covered with rust. The yard looked as if someone had rolled the trees long, long ago before anyone had a chance to clean it up. I get out of my car and step in six inches of mud. I am immediately approached by no fewer than six hound dogs who are chasing me and breathing on my legs. (They didn't bite though-- good thing.) I trudge through the mud and finally get to the door, where I am greeted by a little boy wearing nothing but his underwear. One good thing came out of it, though-- a four dollar tip. I have delivered to two million dollar houses and have been stiffed, by the way.
Thars sum reel fine places in luiziana that you make no mention of in your site...just wundering why u pay no attenshun to the fine planatshun and acaian inspired trainerhomes in the fine state of loiziana? If u woud like I could I could submit sum pics for ya. Altho I now live in texas... not much menshun of that fine state on your site either. On third thought I guess you are just pregudised Gorgans and I will not be part of your darn pregudise site. You need to be more brawed minded in relashun to your sister southern states.
I wonder if you asked any of these people for permission to photograph their homes? I find your amateur work exceedingly rude. As a Mississippi native who grew up in a trailer, I can certainly read and I'm actually quite intelligent. Go ahead! Poke fun at those less fortunate than you are. I just hope one of those good ol' boy red necks sees their mama's house posted on your degrading site and tracks you down and beats your punk yankee ass!!!!!!
I was looking at your website of the mobile homes of Mississippi. I don't mind the jokes about mobile homes, but to condemn people from the state of Mississippi is wrong. You have no decorum, and no ethics. You should not judge people by their social class, race, and sex.

Mobile homes are great for college students trying to get a jump on life. Mobile homes are great for low income families who can't afford a 80,000 dollar house. Mobile homes are great for families who don't want the hassle of keeping up a lawn. In Mississippi the pre-made mobile homes look almost like the average homes in a subdivison.

I live in Madison, Mississippi the second fastest growing city in the state. Madison, Mississippi does not have a trailer homes or a trailer park. The city of Madison does not allow apartments because they cause crime. The only trailers that are allowed are extra class room space for the public schools, and temporary on site construction offices.

I don't live in a trailer home. I don't drive a off road pickup truck with the rebel flag. I drive a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix which is red with tinted windows. I do have four cowboy hats, and I watch "In the Heat of the Night"

If anyone wants to see the real Mississippi you need to come to my website
It is very bad what you say about the trailer dwellers. It is people like themselves that keep the glory of the south alive reenacting the battles of the civil war every weekend.You should do them a favour and volunteer as a yankee to swell the ranks of the despised. They are always short on northeners. Maybe if you are lucky they'll let you ride to the reenacting site in their transcamero with confederate flags fluttering off the rearview miror. Just keep clear of the before battle skirmish of who gets to be general Lee, they always have a surplus of those. Also bring a can of pepper spray because trailer fumes can confuse the brain of these patriotic folk causing them to believe they are REALLY in the war and you are REALLY a yankee bastard. When they try to run you through with the reproduction bayonet that costs more than their space rent you douse them good!

This sight is really funny.  I grew up in North Carolina and now live in Kansas and I can tell you there is white trash everywhere!!  I guess I don't have a problem with poor people in general, but Jesus Quincy Adams just because you are poor doesn't mean you have to live like these people do in these trailers.  Talk about filth - I have yet to see a "nice" trailer park.  These rolling meth labs are becoming a menace to our society.  People in rolling homes take note ... how about bathing yourself and your 7 kids every once in a while for God's sake cut off that freaking mullett.
OK, I have lived in Mississippi and wow look at me I have a computer and the net. Oh and by the way, not everyone in Mississippi lives in a mobile home, is illiterate, and has no class. Just like everywhere else in the U.S there are poor people. I can take a joke but it is unfourtate that you have nothing better to do with your time than throw down on the state of Mississippi. What do you live in a mobie home? take a picture of your home and advertise it on your site. Let's see your $200,000 home. Yeah right!! You are worse than the people who actually live in those "trailers" because unlike you they don't care what people think of them and don't have to make other people insecure to feel better about themselves. Where is your home state? maybe I will create a site that bashes it. HOw would you feel? What if I took a picture of your mom's home and posted it or anyone in your state who was less fourtante than others. You didn't bother taking picture of the beatuiful part of our state or of a home with a nice car in the driveway. In fact, it looked like most of those mobile homes had been evacuated and no one was even residing there. Oh and I probably need to order some of those teeth or "teef" from you because My teeth are actually clean and straight. Oooops! does that mean I need to move out of Mississippi? This is an ignorant site. I think you should get a life!!!!!!!!!

Love your site and so glad I found it. I'm a UK based feature writer and have been asked to write an article about people in the US with eccentric colourful, weird, funny, interesting mobile homes. I note on your site that you say the mobile homes of Mississippi are second to none. If all goes to plan then I will hopefully be coming over to the States to visit some trailer parks and hopefully talk to some of the mobile home owners and take pictures of them of what is perhaps their pride and joy. I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice on how this might be best done. I can perhaps even mention your site in the article in return, if that would be any use in selling fake teeth!!. Some of the homes on your site look great. Do you know anyone with really great trailers, decorated inside and out in certain styles, eras, and so on. Maybe collectors of something whose trailer is packed with memorabilia. I recently did an article about the Supeman Festival in Illinois and someone there had a trailer jam packed with Superman collectibles. That kind of thing.
I'm hoping to come out at the beginning of next month. It may be a case of just driving around and knowcking on people's doors but I wondered if it might be best to set something up first and people know who we are and what we're doing. If people have particularly fantastic mobile homes, we need about five, and then interview the people who live there for a kind of  'tales from the trailer park article.

Thanks for reading my email and hopefully I'll hear from you soon.


Chris Morris (dated May 14, 2003)

Surely you know a trailer dweller who collects Beanie Babies, Dale Ernhardt, Stone Cold Steve Austin, hubcaps or whatever, who would love to be interviewed! Help this British writer before he gets mauled by a Pit Bull wandering around trailer parks! Email him with your nominee.

Where would you live if you couldn't walk because and uninsured drunk driver made a cripple out of you?
Maybe you should meet the people that you’re badmouthing.

It seems like every conceivable group nowadays has its activists ready to be offended by the smallest of perceived slights. I can remember as a second grader Frito-Lay's cartoon "Frito Bandito". I loved the Frito Bandito and pestered my mother to buy a six-pack box of Fritos (49 cents) so I could get a Frito Bandito eraser to do my second grade multiplication tables with. I knew with my eight-year old mind that the Bandito was meant to be funny and not to be taken seriously because after all no adult male I knew carried around six-shooters, bandoleers or wore a sombrero. Then much wiser adults discovered how enraged they were by the Bandito and he was history. No more erasers. I guess they didn't get the joke.

Later, when I was a teenager came the demise of the Sambo's restaurant chain. My hometown of McAllen, Texas had one. They  had great coffee. Certain members of the population suddenly discovered how outraged and angered they were by the "Little Black Sambo" books that had been around for decades and anything connected with them including a restaurant's name. I read the books as a child and knew with my child intellect that they were make-believe because you cannot make butter out of a tiger. That didn't matter to the offended members of the population so sayonara Sambo's.

In this hypersensitive culture how then can I make sense of the novelty "Hillbilly Teeth" offered for sale for 99 cents at convenience stores? Does no one speak for the Hillbillies? Do they lack an alphabet group like the NAACP or LULAC ever reaedy to whine and complain? AFter all is it not demeaning and divisive categorize all Hillbillies as having rotten and crooked orthodontia?

The truth is that Hillbillies have made immportant contributions to the great tapestry that is America. If it were not for the Hillbilly, we would undoubtedly be up to our thighs in opossums. Their consumption of the North American marsupial is well-known and necessary for the control of the population. If it were not for the Hillbilly, what would we call Mountain Dew? Super Sweet Sprite? It just doesn't have the same ring. Who among us can forget about the great contributions to televison made by such memorable shows as "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Petticoat Junction"? Jed Clampett, patriarch of the Beverly Hillbilly clan, was a much nobler character than any of his WASP California neighbors. Hillbillies have also made their fair share of contributions to American literature with famous characters like Lil'Abner and Daisy Mae. Finally, I cannot help but mention the greatest contributionl to date of Hillbillies, that being the 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton. He brought eight full years of Hillbilly culture to 1600 Pennysylvania Avenure and we all know what mark Clinton left on the Oval Office. For those who are ready to call me all sorts of names, I am just trying to draw attention to outrageous political-correctness by being outrageous. Chill. Hooray for the Hillbilly! Long Live the Hillbilly!

You are really missing out.  You need to check out North Carolina -- close your eyes while you're there, or open them even, and you'll swear you're in Mississippi.  There's even a Columbus, NC and it's half mobile home park! Columbus, NC has two tatoo parlors on the main street of town no less.

There are lots of trans-Camaros, tanning beds and kudzu there, too.

First of all, I think your site is really cool. Secondly, I am a survivor of a direct hit by the tornado that ripped through Woolmarket, Mississippi in '94. I now live in a trailer on the same site. Haven't seen a roach in 9 years, so I highly recommend thorough tornadic devastation for insect control. Lately, though, something more horrible has happened. A 'possum, or some critter of a rough verisimilitude, has eaten
its way into the insulation under my palace, & has had the audacity to up & die. Since my trailer is over 70 feet long, the task of finding the little fucker is a logistical night- mare: I mean, a Fleetwood 14 wide is labyrinth of 4x6's, aluminum ductwork, pvc pipe & wiring harnesses that only an inbred Daedalus with a pneumatic nailgun could understand.
Is all lost? Do I just let nature run its course? Help!

RE: Columbus, MS. I was unfortunately in that town while my husband was in pilot training!! There were NO Jobs...oh if you wanted to work at K-mart, Applesleze.... the town is soo damn backwoods....White folks and Black folks shouldn't talk to each other and if they do.... you are looked down upon.
How about the high schools.. they still seperate white and black...COLUMBUS HIGH SCHOOL... still has HOMECOMING white girl and HOMECOMING BLACK girl!!!! HURRY run...get out while you can!!!

You are completely wrong when you claim that all trailer trash women are enormous.  You have completely forgotten about the other extreme.  These are the trailer trash women that can be pretty darn cute when they're young but they get skinnier and skinnier as they age until they sort of turn themselves inside out and look like a skeleton walking around.  My crazy stepsister is probably going to turn out like that.

Thanks for a great site.  As a po' white person, I unnerstand that you arnt makin' fun o' us po' fokes...jes makin' fun o' the  po' lazy white fokes who ain' nebber herd a the dump, or done know who ther garbage 'lector is...or nuthin'.

I use to live in a trailer...inna trailer park...most o' the occupents wood fit right in here on dis here website, but by gum, we kept our yard CLEAN!  Dag nabbit!  We kept the shingles NAILED On, our winders wernt broke, and there wernt no rust on the thang.  The skirts wuz pieces of painted plywood, and shucks, you could sit on ar deck and enjoy the view if it wernt for the slobs next door.

Our trailer was nigh unto 30 years old when we moved in...and we sold it right away was one o the VIP homes in the lot...

Poor and dirty have not the same meaning. Neither do class and wealth. Why do people accuse you of making fun of the poor?

It seems to me that you are making fun of people with no taste, or enough self respect to keep thier dwelling in a clean and repaired state.

Although I am not personally familiar with mobile homes, I imagine there are many (perhaps even a majority) that are tastefully decorated and clean. Oh, and MAN is the chip-on-the-Southern-shoulder evident in the e-mails you receive. Make fun of the Red Sox or Kennedys all you want, I won't take it as an attack on the Union.

They are not trailers they are manufactured homes.

OK people, I am from rural Alabama, I have lived in mobile homes. I have worked at a sawmill, in the woods as a lumberjack, in the Navy, at wal-mart and as an engineer.

No one I think has any right to be more offended than I should be. I have one thing to say to you.


You know what this site is missing? Nigger jokes. I think they would complement the rest of the content perfectly. I mean, laughing at poor people is always funny, but you should really use your obvious talent to promote the kind of humor that would really kick some ass that needs kicking. After all isn't most of your confiscated income given to those underclass niggers to stick in their crack pipes.

Then, when your grandchildren ask you what you did back when you were young you can proudly tell them that you not only riduculed the poor, but were a really funny racist too.

Hate begets hate. Charity begets charity. What do you expect to get? Better hope you are never poor.

I own several Trailer Parks (MHC, to the bankers, you don't walk in and say "gee, how about loaning me a million bucks for this Trailer Park") across the Southeast, though not in Mississippi. All properties combined are appraised at about 4 million dollars. I'm worth 7 mil and I gross over $200k monthly. I started when I was 17, I am now 25 years old.

I laughed my ass off when I found your site by mistake searching for something related while visiting one of my live-in managers in Lake Weir, FL. I put a couple of your pics up and I had a near Mutiny on my hands. This is a gated community right, and I let this guy live in a $80K home for free plus I pay him 3% gross AND HE QUIT! I could not find a decent Property Management firm to take care of this thing, so I actually had to move to Florida and do it myself for 3 months. Not only that I had 3 tenants get pissed and move over the TrailerGate Scandal. I figure you cost me 20 thousand dollars, and you made me live in a Trailer Park, you prick.

I grew up po' white trash. Me and my kin folkses drank canned milk cause we was too po' to aford real milk. now my kin got big ugly wart on her head and my scull also too damm big. I also got other medicale problemz, like bad temper, viagra needin, and fatness in me and my fat family. and sometimes i fall on floor and flop like catfish out of water.

i lik yur sit3e. just like my house, but we gots a doubly wide.

Really pathetic. A majority of the pictures shown aren't even of Mississippi. Atleast two of the pics shown actually have ALABAMA license plates on the cars that are in the pictures.

You're a loser.

After visiting your site, I can't help but think of the fact that my life has truly come full circle. (something akin to 6 degrees of seperation):

1. I lived in a mobile home in college near Columbus, MS.

2. I move to Seattle

3. I meet a buddy that later attends the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO

4. I move to Colorado.

5. I speak with that buddy from Washington State that now attends the Air Force Academy, and he tells me about, the underground, uncensored electronic forum for cadets.

6. I visit the site and find the link to Great Mobile Homes of Mississipi and see a picture, very similar to the mobile home I lived in 12 years ago.

Life is funny, yall.....

this site is pretty stupid and offensive! no i don't live in a trailer i live in a house and I live in the northeast. I hope you know what you are saying about these people i have a boyfriend he lives in a trailer he is very nice he is a christian also....but not southern baptist and his place is very VERY cool and right now i am concerned for him he is trying to get a job and yes he is very very talented dude and he completed high school and i'm not talking about G.e.d either! but the economy is low. i am 18 i'm still living with mom and dad. my boyfriend also is very clean he takes showers every day, he keeps his place clean also and seriously his house is really cool his room has this great big window in it to look up at the stars at night it is pretty cool.....i have a very nice house but i rarely look up at the sky from my bedroom window i only have one small window and there is a big tree in front of it and me being a christian the stars are a sign of Gods love for everyone and i
mean Everyone! inculding me inculing my boyfriend and inculding you

and my boyfriend probably doesn't care and he could probably just laugh it off but it hurts me more than him he could probably laugh at himself and i can laugh at myself but really everything that these people that don't like your website well they are i challenge you to come up with something more tasteful and please don't blasmphemy God or you might be don't know what could happen

go read the story lazarus and the rich man in the bible it also says in the bible that the last shall be first and the first shall be last and i know you don't think i am serious but i am! you can be funny without being rude i know christians like mark lowry...bob smiley that are more funny than you! ya'll be careful now that i warned ya'll ya hear and don't forget to clean your feet....."did ya clean your feet today??" now that is funny it comes from my grandpa he lives in a house too and he is also always saying Howdy partner...and he is richer than my family and he says that now that is just darn good ol' country humor from yonder way back i think i'll call my boyfriend - God bless ya'll - ;p heheh

I have 11 lots and two homes in Hancock County, Mississippi and am unable to sell at even a ridiculously low price because of what I call "Trailer Trash" throughout the subdivision, which by the way, started out as a restricted subdivision which excluded trailers. Of course the county didn't care, so every redneck/ hillbilly who found a free or cheap gypsy camper, school bus or raggedy trailer moved in over the last twenty years. Now the county is trying to straighten out the mess and is having 'hell' doing it.

As soon as I get a digital camera, I will send you some pic's of trailers in Hancock County, Mississippi which will make the ones on your site look like castles!!!!

The subdivision just got community sewerage because the hillbilly's used to run their toilets straight into the
ditches instead of putting in septic tanks. Of course, lots of the trashy folks haven't hooked up yet, claiming it
violates their constituional right to put their crap and toilet paper into public ditches.

Your trailer site is only the tip of the Mississippi iceberg of trashy trailers and I send your site to my friends all
over. I fully recommend that anyone retiring not listen to the hype about beautiful Mississippi being a great
place to retire unless they can afford a hundred plus acres to hide out in!!! Did I mention that Hancock County
has more loud stereos and mufflers than anywhere else I have lived. The first thing a redneck does when he
buys a vehicle is to throw the muffler away.

I suppose the fact that some of these people could be on poverty level doesn't affect you at all. They may be grateful that they even have a roof over their heads. I think we (who are not living in poverty) could learn something from them, especially you.

Spring is here, and the mobile homes across this nation will soon begin to work their magic upon the weather. From deep within their fragile aluminum bodies, silent, invisible emanations will rise toward the heavens, calling on the spirits of the storm to come and take them to that great trailer park in the sky.

Every spring the pink and yellow fiberglas innards of mobile homes decorate the landscape, as the great killer tornadoes respond to the voices of the little, flimsy, sheet-metal boxes and swoop down to take them home.

We have all heard the explanations of the meteorologists using all manner of complicated, scientific gobbledegook, but it is pure claptrap. tornadoes are caused by mobile homes. WalMart stores and certain other vast, poorly-supported structures may also create (or at least participate in the creation of) tornadoes, but the fundamental cause of the tornado is the mobile home. If you doubt it, try to think of a tornado report which did not include the destruction of at least one mobile home. Even a single mobile home out in the middle of the Colorado prairie drew down a tornado a couple of years ago. The twister slid out of the sky and wiped out the mobile home without disturbing anything more than a few hundred feet away. It then lifted back into the clouds and vanished, its duty done, the call answered.

Of course, other structures are frequently demolished when they get in the way of the whirling vortices on their way to answer the siren call, but such collateral damage is only incidental to the purpose of the storms, which is to destroy mobile homes.

I just ran across your stupid sight and being a Mississipian I am insulted by your sick sense of humor. You are a sick piece of puke and a disgrace to all southerners. If you dont like what you see here, then get the bukk out! Bend over and I will show you what squealing like a pig is really ALL about..............

I'd like you to know that I found your website tasteless and offensive. Maybe it's PC to bash the South, but I find it a pretty pathetic attempt for you to make money.

If you're from the South, you should be ashamed. If not, leave.

During this time of sorrow in our country, you would think some would be more empathetic to those with less income and opportunity than others. Then again... maybe not.

PS Have you ever heard of Eudora Welty, William Faulkner,Harper Lee or Tennessee Williams? Probably not, as some of the most accomplished authors in our nation's history are from the South. Why don't you put that on your weak website?

Oh, that's right, God forbid someone state something truthful about this part of the country. I hope you go out of business as soon as possible.

Don't this commie fool realize those authors trashed the South too?

Sorry to read the things you write about Mobile Home owners. Its a shame you feel the way you do about people of the lower class having to live in a Mobile Home. A good deal of the homes in Columbus, Mississippi are owned by military personnel that are protecting your country. Their pay is such that that can't afford a home and they are also subject to transfer at any time and can take the home with them. I too started out in a Mobile Home when in here at Columbus and could not purchase a home until I retired. I am from Florida but after being stationed there in the "Friendly City" of Columbus, I found there were good people here and now that I have retired I have made my home here.

I do not know what hole you came out of, but you are free to crawl back in anytime you do not like our ways in this region. You must think you are something high and above everyone else, but let me tell you, you would not make a pimple on a real persons ass.

Not every person who lives in a mobile home is trash nor do we keep our yards trashy as you seem to believe. Mobile homes are not the same as they once were. Some of the mobile homes made today are made as well as or better than some homes built on site. I have done a lot of research on this subject as I am looking into buying or building a home. Mobile homes are no longer made from 2X4's and aluminum, but the same materials used to make on-site built houses. You do not know what you are talking about. However, this site would be funny if it wasn't meant to be judgemental and instead just for humor.

I shall be quite brief....

You site is a total contradiction of the state of Mississippi......

I suggest you try and grasp more out of life besides spreading false information... Information that really angers people.....

The world has enough hate....don't invoke more......

Most viewers realize that disheveled mobile homes are ubiquitous in the U.S. and Canada, and that Mississippi is being skewered because the state is famous for having many of the most beautiful homes in America .

SUBJECT: Begrading the South

I just don't understand how someone who was born and raised in the South could insult it. I know if you can't beat them they say to join them. You are just add fuel to the fire when it comes to the intellengence of Mississippi- a lot people think that all Mississippians are just plain white trash but most Mississippians is well educated and highly respected individuals. I was born and raised in Mississippi and I continue to live in Mississippi and it totally pisses me off when someone comes along and makes fun not to mention money off of something that I love with all of my heart. We all may not have fancy houses that cost $100000 but we are good honest God fearing southern people and who have the respect not to insult what we have been given. They also say "American by birth, Southern by the grace of God"

I believe this with all of my heart. If you just get a kick out of insulting the South why don't you move and convert to being a Yankee - I feel like you would fit right in. They welcome all kinds of traitors!!!!!!

Your website is base and full of hate. You are obviously deeply unhappy. Making fun of poor people? REALLY, REALLY funny. Human beings live in those trailers - people with parents, friends, husbands, wives and children. Most of them probably have REAL jobs, building the car you drive (parts plant in Mobile) or the computer keyboard you made your website with. Does this make you happy? Really? If so, then you need counseling, really. How would you like it if YOUR house, (probably some leftie Massachusetts homo-intelligensia think-tank, funded by sleight-of-tax from the very people about whom you jest), were on display to the whole world, mocked on a web-site, put up by people you don't even know? Ever thought that these people might not LIKE living where they live? Why don't you make it easy on yourself? Go to Mexico city, or Chiang Rai, or Dhaka, and see some REALLY poor people? Wouldn't it be just funny as heck if you could actually catch on film some of the cheap, low-food-value food they actually EAT on film for your website?!! HA HA HA HA HA! Boy, that WOULD PROVE that we are better than they, wouldn't it?!!!

You are obviously witty. I admit it is harder to do something both tasteful AND witty, but why not give it a try? Some of these people don't have enough to eat. People live in trailers because they're poor, not because they want to. Why make fun of their plight? It could be your face on a website of "Tasteless People" next. I wouldn't like that either.

All the letters that I read whether it is Mississippi or any place else seem to talk about Mobile Homes or Trailers (though I hate that term, trailers hook up to the back of ford pickups) as if there living, breathing things. It's not the home it's the people in the home it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor or whether you live in a $35,000 Manuafactured home or a $125,000 tri-level if you chose to live in filth that is a personal choice.

And while were on the subject it's actually reporters, teachers, police officers and so on who give Mobile Home communities there bad reputation by calling them parks instead of communities and trailers instead of homes.

Mobile Home communities are becoming to rural areas what the projects are to the cities. That is the fault of the state.

Better enforcement of rules governing Mobile Home communities should be enforced. Regulations regarding placement of any Manufactured Home whether in a community or private land should be strict.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have anything you would like to talk about concerning Manufactured Housing since I have been in the industry for 15 years. Thanks for everyones input. [email protected]

When America builds enough affordable housing that everyone has an option to own and live in a shelter that is decent, then I can accept your webapge with some humor. Until then, don't consider yourself an anthropologist, a comedian, or an intelligent observer of American culture.

you're an #%%hole.

This site is too funny for words, however, it does walk a fine line. The similar sites that are linked to this don't handle the subject with quite the wit that this one does. I found them a bit disturbing. The Mailbag IS the funniest and saddest part though. It's about this that I will now vent:

How can so may people equate this site as an attack on Mississippi or the South as a whole? Those eyesores can be seen all across this country. What I see in those photos has nothing to do with Southern culture. What I see is a lack of respect, not just for the poor sucker that lives next door and has to look at that crap every day, but for the whole community that it brings down. Most of those photos included at least one pickup truck that appeared to be operational so don't tell me that they can't just throw that refrigerator in the back and haul it to the dump.

So, now you're going to Hell for drawing attention to this? What do they preach in these churches anyway? I live in a row house in downtown Baltimore, directly across a beautiful 150 year-old church being occupied by some spin-off "Christian" congregation. The building is in such disrepair that the stained glass is practically falling out. Yet, the "archbishop" rides around in a white Cadillac Escalade, complete with crests on the doors and "archbishop mobile" painted on the back. The Range Rover they had before this must not have been good enough. Every Sunday, after services let out and everyone is driving home feeling good about themselves I'm picking up MacDonald's trash that they dumped out of their cars. The Lord will provide? Provide what? Hourly trash pick-up?

Then there's the accusation that (you? the original creator of this site?) are yet another Yankee defaming the South even though you assert that you are in fact a Southerner. I was born, raised and ,up until four years ago, lived in New York. In that time I don't recall hearing a plot to undermine the South or even a joke about Southerners up there.

I think it's unfortunate that that woman felt she had to take lessons to change her southern accent so people would accept her as an educated person. But, then I've virtually defeated my New York accent for the same reason.

Trash is trash, this site happens to be about Mississippi trash.

I think that yall need to look in yall's own backyard before making such uneducated comments. It is the best I can do not to tell you where to go. A lot of good people live in trailers. I have never lived in one, but would have no aprehension doing so. How much better do you think Georgia is on the trailer scale? We don't need your lefthanded compliments over here! So on behalf of all Mississipians you can take that trailer page and shove it!

I can not believe your tasteless page. I happen to live in a very nice mobile home. As well as my Mother and Grandmother and Sister do also. My husband and I are by no means poor. My husband has a very good job as an Aircraft Mechanic and I am a stay at home Mother of two sons.We do not need or want for anything. My children wear the instyle clothes "Nike", and I think that it is a shame that you would stereo type all people who live in a mobile home.Who want's to bust their a*s and strugle to make a huge morgage payment? Not us! Shame on you.We are much richer that you we have Love and compasion something that you need to learn!I would hate to be you on judgement day. The only judge we have is God. So stop and think twice before you pre- judge some one else.

I hate your site and think you need to get a life. Look in the mirror to get a laugh, not at others. -Proud to be from Mississippi

Your portrayal of mobile homes and the people who live in them makes me very sad. I feel sorry for you and the people who think this type of making fun others is a joke.

I am a school counselor. Some of our quality children live in a mobile home park. Some of the mobile home parents are more interested in their children than those who can buy all the material things a kid wants.

Have you heard of Jesus Christ?. He could not even afford a mobile home. However he is a King and was willing to die to save everyone, even bigots like you.

-No'm, I don't believe I ever heard tell of him. But if you see him tell him I saw a bank today that has a big banner advertising that they will finance manufactured homes with no credit history.

I cannot stand anti-southern bigots. You, sir, are no different from a racist.

-I'm sick of being insulted like this. I am a woman!

you are dispikable. i have ever never seen such poop in my life. God loves those who are saved. when you deckay like an a angel, i/weell laff out outloud and gigle to satan because that is where you go if you keep this crap up, how come you so ignerant, so prejeduced, so racest to southern baptists like me and them. i hate you, and so do god and so do adam and so do eve and so do you, the only one who like you is satan or the devil for you. thanks

I think you portrail of mobile homes is appauling! I happen to live in a mobile home park. It looks nothing like those you have depicked. Maybe you should investigate a little further into your research and you'll find not all trailers are trash. For those that are, what you call"trash", it is the only way those people know how to live and it is not they're fault. Why make fun at those less fortunate than us. Get a grip and find another occupation that you can use you're intelligence and possibly help the world. Or do you live in one of the trailers that you have shown.
"C" of Southern Mississippi

The word you sought is "depicted" as in painting a picture.

So it is not any individual's fault how they live? My, but I do need to get myself to a re-education camp. Over half my income is confiscated to help the underclass, and now you suggest that I wash their socks and cut their toenails?

Life in America is more than fair for the criminal, the lazy and the ignorant.

Now for my personal "repossessed trailer" story. My room mate's mother was going to have her trailor repossessed. She asked for help moving her things to a storage unit. My husband being the nice guy that he is offered to help. What a mistake. Two moving companies showed up and walked off the job. There was animal waste three inches thick on the floor and caked over everything. Each item had to wiped or scraped off once it was removed from the trailer.

I really think that when things get this bad that mental illness is to blame. If she had any children I'm sure Child Protective Services would have removed them.

There is no excuse to not clean up after your animals. As my grandmother used to say, "soap is cheap".

Dear dr. Buck, People who live in the wonderful state of Alabama may not think the way it is shown on your web site about the moble homes is funny. The state of Alabama is a wonderful state,and a very beautiful state. Maybe that is all some people can afford!

-This gal thinks the capitol of Alabama is "A"!

My first reaction to your site was sadness, then anger. Of course this was in self defense. You see, I was a single mom, who was trying to make ends meet, working a full time job with two little ones. I lived in a low income apartment complex, not goverment assisted, just low rent cost. This complex was a local crack place and my children could not go outside and play for the broken beer bottles, and on one occasion, a child found a hypodermic needle. Well, THANK GOD FOR TRAILERS. Yes, this is low cost. This is not a perfect world and there are poor people. So there is a need for low cost home. Do you want to donate to me the extra 40 to 50 thousand dollars it would take to get a "real" house?

My children can play outside now, in thier own yard with a swingset in it. And my yard is FENCED. Not to keep the rif raf out, as you put it, but to keep my kids and our family dog in. (Not a rottwieler, a poodle) My point is that would you prefer someone like me to live off of your dollars? Or make fun of people who are trying hard to survive in an imperfect world. I do agree in the trash around the trailers. Poor doesn't have to equal filth. But stop to ask if some of those people were elderly, living on limited income and physically unable to keep up thier yard. Think before you judge.

P.S. I do have a sense of humour. But how funny would it be if I made a site geared towards making fun of african americans, or the gay/lesbian population and stereotyping them or another group? I would be sued, fined and probably just get my butt kicked.

Dr. Bukk, I think I have figured out what is behind your unpopularity(judging from some of your email) in certain quarters! It goes like this: "Leon? Zeb Diver here. Hey, you know my daughter, Muff, the computer freak? Well she found a pitcher of your place on that there innernet! You better come on over and take a look!" Does that sound like a reasonable scenario?

One guy who is a cable tv installer was at the comedy club one night and after seeing my slide show, came up to me to tell me about going on a call to a mobile home out here. The woman told him she wanted the cable to come in behind the lamp table at the end of the sofa (couch, we say here). He told me he pulled the table out and found a dead cat lying behind the table. When he told the woman, she simply said, "Oh, well, just bring the cable in over here at the other end of the couch."

I used to fly for a commuter airline that flew into Columbus,MS. The three letter identifier for Columbus is GTR which is supposed to stand for Golden Triangle Regional Airport, most of us said it stood for "The Goat Ranch." After looking at your site, I can see it is true. Thanks for a great laugh.

I love your site!!
I am a mobile home collector/repossession remarketer by trade. I have seen things that would make you go screaming into the night.
Hideous and fightening things that make my skin crawl just thinking about them. I have seen and smelled more animal and human waste than i wish to remember. The kind of stink that makes me take my suit to the dry cleaners the next day because the stench is lingering.

I learned quickly that opening the refridgerator in a repossessed home in the middle of the summer during a heat wave is a mistake because people always leave a left-over or a nice peice of raw meat behind to rot. I have a strong stomach, but i can only take so much.

What interesting things do people leave behind when the lose or give up their mobile home? Car engines in the living room, large collection of dildo's and other assorted adult toys. They usually leave a majority of the kids clothes and toys behind. Perscriptions of prozac. Dirty dishes and laundry (guess they will have to buy all new for their next home or apartment). I could go on forever.

And the people? I think they are a whole different species sometimes (or at least i hope they are). Rarely do i meet anyone with a full set of teeth. Wives/girlfriends usually weigh alot more than me. The kids are either emotionally scarred or just as much a smart-ass as their loving parents.

These people give a whole new definition to lying. To them its almost an art. When they tell they will have the payment next week i know they really mean drank all this weeks pay, hopefully i will pay you next week before i start drinking again.

I always try to tell myself i am only seeing the problem accounts and that the majority of people living in mobile homes pay their bills and lead normal & productive lives. Then i wake up and snap back to reality.

With out trailer folk, I would probably have a dull job doing menial work, so i guess I have to be thankful to the poor bastards!!
Yours truly, The Friendly Mobile Home Repo Man.

Here is a joke.

A bus stops and two Italian men get on. They seat themselves, and engage in animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores their conversation at first, but she listens in horror as one of the men says the following; "Emma come first. Den I come. Two asses, dey come together. I come again. Two asses, dey come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come once-a more."

"You foul-mouthed swine," retorted the lady indignantly. "In this country we don't talk about our sex lives in public!"

"Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Imma just tellun my friend howa ta spella Mississippi."

I have enjoyed both your sites immensley. However you overlook an important item, concrete lawn fauna. These critters are very popular in my native SW Virginia. I had often wondered where they came from until I came across "concrete world" on Highway 29 outside Lynchburg, VA.

I resent this site. I was told about it and decided to check it out for myself. I think it is crude and not fair to all of Mississippi. Believe it or not, we can read here and we know what a coloring book is. Alecia

I know this is supposed to be funny, but I grew up in Columbus, Mississippi one of the most beautiful towns in America. You gotta be kidding! We have many fascinating antebellum homes there. Trailer homes are in many places, but if you want to pick a place in Mississippi, NOT Columbus.....puhleeeeeeze!

I live in Mississippi and hate all the trailors around. Thanks to recent laws, you cannot just stick them anywhere now. As far as the tires, when you get new ones, the tire shop charges you $2.00 per tire for disposal or you can keep them. Do you know how much a dip of snuff costs? That is why.

Someday you may find yourself living in a cardboard box on the streets with other "lazy" people. The mobile homes may look like mansions to you then.

You are a monster.

Your so-called "humorous" site is no more than a blatant display of insensitivity and cruelty, hidden behind the pretension of being funny. You were the schoolyard bully who tormented the normal childred, a coward, and about as funny as Hitler was.

Why don't you come out into the open and tell us more about yourself? Your upbringing, your area of the country (obviously not the South), your political beliefs, why you think that you are superior to ANYONE - Tell us about your parents, who must have slid over each other by chance and copulated under a rock to create a piece of human slime like you - Come on, you human maggot, tell us more - don't hide - come out into the sunshine, or are you afraid you'll melt down in the face of light -

You obviousy have no conscience and no humanity left. Even if you are not in touch with any hgher power, there are natural laws in motion that are unmistakable - The unnecessary cruelty and lack of compassion that you are spewing forth will come back to you.

I'm sure you will come up with what you perceive to be some clever comebacks to my e-mail. It won't change what you are. Only God can do that and may He have mercy on your sick soul.

What would happen if this feller stumbled upon a porn site?

I have been out of the country many times to some of the most God awful third-world countries known to man. Bolivia, Botswana,Zambia,India,Korea,and Somolia just to name a few. I have seen the poorest of poor. I never once made fun of them or mocked them but my team and I led them from their life and showed them the way to live by American standards. Even though you were correct about some people being slobs and not getting off of there rears to get a decent home or meal. There still are some that work hour after hour to get just a trailer and some tv dinners. I do not appreciate the type of ridicule you put out toward these people. I lived in California for 12 years and in Mississippi for 15 years. These 15 years have been the best years of my life. Just because you have had a bad childhood or bad experience in Mississippi does not mean you can take it out on all of us. We are human just like yourself and we are equally smart as well. I am a State trooper here in Mississippi and I have met just about every person there is to know through time. They are all special in unique ways and if you had as much compassion as you do hate for these people you would see that they are not as bad as you make them. Only a few are as bad as you say mabee that was your family but most of us here are happy and have Jesus Christ in our live and that is all that matters. I wish only the best for you and could only hope you gain some compassion for these people and tell us you are sorry. Because you REALLY have mis-judged us.

First of all, have you ever been to Mississippi? I didn't think so...

Second of all, it is short-sighted, stereo-typing people like you who continue the discrimination of southern people in the United States. I had to take diction and voice lessons to lose my southern accent so people would believe that I actually had a college degree. I am offended, but more hurt. If you picked on someone from any other cultural background, you would be called a racist and prejudiced. It's a shame that because I am American like you, I earn ridicule simply for where I was born.

Grow up.


Your letters are without a doubt the funniest damn thing I have ever seen bar none.It seems that both north and south try to claim a corner on the trailer trash market. Being from the south I used to think we had it all but after being a frequent visitor to Atlantic City I have firsthand knowledge that there is a park, of the most awful sorts, about ten miles west of AC. If you dont take a close look you will mistake it for a junkyard until you see people actually live there. It is just off a shortcut that takes you to Harrahs casino. If you have a gambling problem take this route as a sobering reminder of where one may end up if you let it get the best of you.

I grew up in Chicago and every once and a while we would head out into the boon docks just to see whats going on. One night we(my three friends and I) came up with a name for those cars so coveted by the GED crowd; Z-Transirocumaroformubird. A simple combination of all of the makes of the same car.

There are people I doubtlessly despise. They lack morals, character, and honesty. They quote me out of context. In case you can't tell, I'm talking about Dr. Nancy P Bukk, Jr. here.
Note that some of the facts I plan to use in this letter were provided to me by a highly-educated person who managed to escape Bukk's antisocial indoctrination and is consequently believable.
We can't stand idly by and let her allow federally-funded research to mushroom into a goofy, grossly-inefficient system, hampered by combative nitwits and splenetic profiteers (especially the ruthless type), pure and simple. Sure, some of her epigrams are valid, but that's not the point. She seems totally incapable of understanding that some people think I'm exaggerating when I say that I surely intend to exercise my franchise to give peace a chance. But I'm not exaggerating; if anything, I'm understating the situation.

Not only have the most dastardly blackguards you'll ever see decided to glorify their obiter dicta by dressing them up as moral and righteous prerogatives, but their personal attacks are being debated as though they were actually reasonable. Does Bukk think her arguments through, or does she just chug along on her computer writing about whatever trite remonstrations happen to suit her needs that day? I wouldn't even mention that her cronies amount to nothing more than repressive undesirables riding on the back of a social fungus attacking the body politic if it weren't really true. Perhaps it sounds like stating the obvious to say that she doesn't understand politics or simply doesn't care.

Before you know it, Bukk might be diagnosed with a special type of mental illness that is not yet recognized. But for now, be aware that her lackeys are the carrion birds of humanity. To be blunt, blaming deplorable cameralism on materialistic crackpots is one of her favorite themes. In hearing about Bukk's morals, one gets the distinct impression that Bukk has made some very dangerous assumptions about snooty gin-swilling grizzlers. Finally, any mistakes in this letter are strictly my fault. But if you find any factual error or have more updated information on the subject of Dr. Nancy P Bukk, Jr., Bukk-inspired versions of insurrectionism, etc., please tell me, so I can write an even stronger letter next time.

-Was this good or bad?

am appalled at the tone and character of your website. I think you do a great disservice to the fine people of the South by making a mockery of our history and culture. Our forefathers sacrificed greatly and should not be made fun of for the almighty Yankee dollar. I am ashamed for you, as I am sure you lack the character to understand the shame you bring on your family and our region. But, no doubt, you do realize what you are doing to a degree. As you have not listed your names anywhere on this website. And I am sure you are of no relation to an actual Bukk family. It would not surprise me in the least if you were actually Yankee scum that migrated South to escape your own sorry culture as so many of your Yankee brethren have been doing. And like most of these migrant Yanks, you can't help but make fun of the new homes they are so very braggadocios about to their poor Yankee kinfolk left up in cold, violent Yankeeland North. If you are such Yankee scum, you deserve any consequences that will come.

By Gawd, I won't stand for you to call me a Yankee! I come from a long, proud line of refined, college-educated, Southern alcoholics. My Daddy lives in a South Georgia trailer and my sister rents one in Florida! I ain't no coward hiding behind the innerneck: my name is in the 'Articles' section of the neck site and my Georgia address is all over the place. I could easily qualify for membership in the Daughters of the Confederacy as my ancestors proudly served, and ran for their lives when they saw Sherman. Without their strong sense of historic preservation, I would not be here today mourning your pitiful sense of humor.
And the Bukk Fambly is REAL! We originated in what is now Slovakia during the 6th century BC. Anthropologists call it the 'Bukk Culture.'You ought to know that since you call yourself a professor.

As a devout Southern Baptist, who was raised in Atlanta... I think your site is absolutely hillarious! I haven't ever lived in a mobile home, but I did work for a mortgage company that made mortgages to people buying mobile homes. Here are a couple of things you might find interesting:
There was a lot of extra paperwork, and a special office, to handle repos. Our regular office would not finance someone who wanted to buy a mobile home that had been reposessed. It seems there were too many complications to buying a mobile home if the previous owner hadn't been able to pay for it. I thought those were just legal complications, but after reading that repo man's account of the condition some of those reposessed mobile homes were in, I've just got to wonder if the complications were just the results of the typical maintenance (or lack thereof) such homes had received.
About a quarter of the people who applied drew disability pay.
The cheapest (new) model mobile homes cost almost exactly as much as a new Camaro or Trans Am. Coincedence?
Perhaps the most unusual combination of occupations we had was a construction worker who was also a pastor. I think that's preferable to some churches where the pastor keeps preaching the virtues of sacrifice while living in a house that costs half a million bucks, though.
One applicant actually identified his job as a "receiving enjerneer."
If they told us what the last car financed was, it was almost never a Camaro or Firebird. I suspect that most of those were either paid for in cash or bartered for, and I can't rule out acquiring those cars one piece at a time.
We had one couple who told a dealer they had just been married. A check of previous applications revealed they had applied a few months earlier at another dealer, claiming to be brother and sister. I hope they were lying.

Hey ya'll, Last year we had a tornado here in Georgia. Not only did it eat a trailer, it ate the whole dang factory !! True story!

As a native Mississipian who excaped, I appreciate that you are a connoisseur of Mississippi architecture, and are trying to educate the masses about the beauty that can be beheld in the Magnolia State. I've travelled extensively throughout the south and I must agree that Missipians have won the prize for creativity and I'm proud that they are first rather than fiftieth in something!

I reviewed most of your website and found it quite hysterical. But there is one thing sadly missing that has the possibility of saving countless lives during tornado and hurricane seasons.
The idea is this: I believe that local governments ("gubmints" to some of your readership) that are in areas particularly prone to severe weather should plant "decoy" mobile home parks on the outskirts of town to "lure" tornados and whatnot away from populated areas. Who hasn't watched tornado footage on CNN that hasn't included a devastated mobile home community wherein the interviewee is a guy in a wife-beater tank top talking about how "the guldurn thing blew frew here lack a freat train" (hey, I'm spellin' it like he's sayin' it, okay?) and how he don't know where the blazes his trans-camero winded up.
I just think that a convenient way to protect these citizens is to erect (you said "erect") decoy mobile home parks on the outskirts of town and keep these people's lifestyles (not to mention a piece of Americana) in tact.
Keep up the good work.

Too Funny- My ex husband had a friend (named Sonny, You can't make this crap up) in Georgia who had termial cancer, so he decided that as long as time was short, he was going to smoke and drink as much as possible. He lived in a trailer. He went 2 years beyond what the doctors had told him he would live. ONLY to be sucked out of his barcalounger in the trailer and killed by a tornado! At the funeral his family was sooo happy that he had died exactly the way he would have wanted to!!??!

I unfortunatly live is a double-wide mobile home.Although it is not worthy of real human habitation,it,is the only thing that i and my son can afford to live in.I work 50 to sixty hours a week.And, not the product of rich parents live here rather than next to a crack head in the apartments that are rapidly becoming the new projects.....lord lord lord ifs i could only gets me another child isa could have a nother checks to buy me some cracks with....

My husband and I worked in missions in Tennessee one year. It was his task to help a family build the "permanent dwelling" requirements on the home in order to have Tennessee Light and Electric bring power to the house. The family -- well, okay, grandpa and three kids with spouses and their seven children among them -- lived in 1) a school bus 2) a pick-up truck with camper cap affixed 3) camper trailer and 4) a tent of polyurethane dropcloths draped between the bus and pick-up. Oh, and the pre-fab home, of course. Cement steps and plumbing had been established; all they needed was an attached bathroom. That was my husband's job -- to build the bathroom.
He was handed a chainsaw and a box of nails pulled from a demolished house.
I hope the positive mail outweighs the abuse. Thank you for brightening my day.


Well, where exactly are you from? There are trailers everywhere not just in the south. If you just happen to live in Mississippi or the South I would suggest that you move. We don't need people here of your sort. Mississippi is a wonderful place to live and grow up!!!!

During a tour of the LSU football message board, I came across a link to your site. As a sixth generation Mississippian, now living in New York, I appreciate your sensitive interpretation of vernacular Mississippi architecture. For eight years I worked at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History along with some very fine architectural historians. I forwarded the site to one of them who remarked to me that the site is indeed a trip down memory lane -- the exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, the respect for the structure as a man-made element in the greater environment. We worked so hard in Mississippi trying to get Mississippians to appreciate their architectural heritage, and your site pretty well sums up the product of our efforts.
I understand that the economy of Mississippi in some locations(the coast and along Thuh Rivuh) is quite different than it was when I left in 1982, and that much of the change can be attributed to the previously-unheralded floating conveyor known as the barge. I have heard that these barges are stationary and that people congregate on them to throw money away. It would seem, given the large number of mobile homes, that mobile home owners are contributing to the further development of such barge businesses -- a topic that would easily qualify as material for a doctoral dissertation.

may you never be poor, old or both, or you could end up being judged by where you live. you might be happy in irvine, ca where every house is by local law a certain size, shape, and tone of pink sandstone colored stucco.

We work in a funeral home and the most dreaded phrases we hear are "Come to the trailer behind the house", "Bubba St, Lot 12", and "Momma's in the back room".

I delved into the world of Mississippi trailer life while doing environmental cleanup work in Southern Mississippi several years ago. It seems that a couple of good ole boys decided to open a "bargain basement" roach exterminating service by spraying methyl parathion into homes. killed the roaches. It also killed doggies and kitty cats, and made the locals quite sick. You see, methyl parathion is meant to kill boll weevils in cotton fields, and contains that ominous skull and crossbones on the containers. Nonetheless, two years, $32 million later, we had all of the homes gutted and rebuilt. The two yahoos are now wearing pinafores in the Federal Penitentiary.
How does this relate to trailers? Some of my time there was spent visiting and evaluating trailers. These trailers made the ones on this website look like the Helmsley Hotel!! For example, a two bedroom trailer which housed a woman and four of her kids (plus a pig in the yard). One step into the trailer and I fell through the rotted floor boards. Another one; I opened the refrigerator only to find that rats had eaten through the insulation.
If only I'd had the foresight to take pictures!!

In Canada we are a bit short on mobile home anthropological data, and even weaker on good analysis. Yours was first rate, although I had to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes to view some of the pictures. On a more serious note, there is a rather serious bit of bigotry in you. You may want to stare inside a bit. Thanks, though, for the chance for a chuckle

Wow! As an Ole Miss graduate and native Mississippian I can only say - you nailed it! My wife is a Texas Aggie who never could understand why I had no desire to live in my native land - until our first trip there. About an hour into the state, on one of the lovely state rural routes, with absolutely no prompting whatsoever from our conversation, she just said "I understand." My response was "Understand what?" She replied, "I understand why you don't want to live here." OUCH!You are a dumb f***... I grew up in the south... I graduated from college and do not care for the state of MS either. And yes, I do own a NON-manufactured home... However, why would someone like you spent so much time and energy to making a web page that f***ing stupid??? No, no company will ever pay you to advertise...therefore, you spent several days putting this page together for nothing..... Besides, I bet you are a fatass, greasy, redneck asshole who cannot find a woman. You sit at home and beat off periodically with your other looser friends... Oh well, just thought I would drop you some hate mail... By the way, Southern Baptists (who you act as though they have no influence) actually caused ABC/Disney stock to drop more than 5% in three days... Now, I would explain that to you, but I'm not sure you could comprehend.

I would just like to say a few stuff.
1.) You think your funny (Your not)
2.) Mississippi is a great state
3.) You think its so funny to make fun
of people who live in mobile
homes, well I have a friend who
lives in one and there isn't trash in
the yard and they don't drive a
camero, a ford explorer to be exact
and they are hard workers and
they keep it looking nice, and you
don't know what your talking about
when you think that everyone who
lives in a motor home is the way
you think.
4.) Oh and your a prejudiced yankee

I live in Alabama, & your site is the funniest thing I've seen on-line! I have an interesting story; I'm a college educated black woman, & my best friend is white, has 2 kids by 2 different men, and lives with a third man in a run-down trailer park. She comes to my house to do laundry, and I usually give her a ride home because her old car broke down. Her boyfriend, who's unemployed because of a "bad back", sits on the couch in his underpants, eating, I swear, vienna sausages out of the can & drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon while watching Jerry Springer. One day he was watching two African-American women fight on Springer: Uncensored!, turned to me, and quite seriously said, "Ya see, that's why you Negroes ain't never gotten nowhere. You ain't smart like us educated whites." I didn't have time to respond, because his 13 yr old daughter announced she was having a baby, & it MIGHT be a black man's baby. (She wasn't sure, she claims she only fooled around with 2 other guys besides him, but she was pretty sure it was the black guy, because they went in the woods behind the trailer park & did it 3 times in one night.) So her daddy better be quiet, because she didn't want him talking about his grandbaby that way. So interesting things happen in trailers!

Frankly I'm offended at the remarks you've made about the church that's a mobile home. They have the right idea...instead of spending all their time and money...all God's time and money, on building a huge church, they are more than likely spending their energy helping people. I'm a missionary to the Congo, and I've been to many places all over the world...Some Christians have no place at all to wroship God, and some have to hide in allyways. But their hearts are filled with the joy and love of Jesus. They are being killed and imprisioned for their faith. From the Sudan to China, and all that most Americans do about that, is sit around and make fun of them and our own people...instead of helping them, or anyone else. I can understand some humor, but really it's only a joke when everyone's laughing.

Anyone willing to donate some extra spending cash to God so he doesn't have to buy any more trailer-churches?

I've been meaning to write you and let you know that your T-shirt is a hit here in Atlanta. I've gotten many positive comments on it. I've even seen a couple people wearing them.

Keep up the good work on the site.

My feet hurts and your website is right...
the mobile home dwellers and yourself all are white
you look ranky danky and somebody need to sue.....
you talk down on trailers 'cause you live in one too....
you are a want to be comedian but your s*** is old
you've been evicted,now your trailer is sold.....
you are living with your mother,who is living with your brother
who is living with your sister, whom is from the gutter.....
you are looking for a trailer king that you want to crown....
boy you better get a brick, your mobilehome's falling down....
how do you know so much about trailers and the mississippi crew......
you must be sucking on a long dong southern mountain dew....

Cool! Jesse Jackson reads my page!

I enjoyed your web page. We have a lot of trailer-trash in Vermont, too. In fact, new neighbors moved in below us who are so disgusting that they've lowered our property value. There are at least two families living in a house and a trailer behind it. The house was nice until they filled it up and out with their s***. Now it's all starting to fall out the doors. The trailer is unfit for animals. They have atleast 10 cars scattered across their lawn. Last month they butchered a beef cow, and its head was perched up on a useless piece of farm equipment like a trophy. I didn't think they could get more revolting. Then they took it down for their dogs to play with. Now everytime I have to drive down the driveway, and past their shithole, I get to see the discarded, one-eyed, dog toy- cow head lying in the dirt. The cars all over their property have many functions, although being driveable is not one of them. They are very useful, however, for holding bales of hay, metal scraps, rotting garbage, etc. If you had a picture of this place, it would definitely beat the ones from Mississippi. My husband and I would like to torch the whole place, but that would be wrong. Damn it.

I am so use to over looking idiots and fools until I instinctively missed you.....I will sure look again I want to see the kind of dunce you are....I bet you voted for Bill Clinton is the fools like you that has caused this nation to sink to the level it now is sad an idiot like you, that does not have enough brains to see you are the problem with society.....keep going lamer!!!!! no ass hole I can but you and sale you all day long.......

I had no idea what this guy was talking about. But, after reading the next e-mail, everything became perfectly clear:

buy as i was in a rush to reply to your ignorance

Okay, maybe it's not perfectly clear!

I need your help, I would like to give my ex-husband some helpful trailer home living tips since I just threw him out and he now has to live in one down in the middle of Marshall County ,Ms. So how fast do you have to evacuate one of those things when a tornado is coming? If you did not leave, what are the odds of survival, and how much more alimony should I have asked for and since he still has me as a benificiary on his insurance because of my son, should I increase the amount? Do I sound like I really care what happens to him? NOT! I think he should be nominated for Trailer King.

My name is Dan and I am an X-Miss resident. The military brought my family to Keesler Air Force Base I assume as some sort of survival training. We lived there for about five years before getting stationed overseas in the country of Turkey. While in Turkey we have experienced an earthquake that destroyed parts of the area killing hundreds of people. We were forced to live on the economy in a five story stack of cinderblocks that amazingly withstood the earthquake. We also were subject to a Turkish labor union strike that shut down all services on base including the commissary where we buy our food. All of these events plus the always current threat of terrorism has made our stay in Turkey less than comfortable. With all this in mind I would rather be here than back in Biloxi Mississippi.

You make me sick, you ....well, you live with yourself so you don't need me to tell you what you are. I may be going to live in a trailer, but I am by no means trash. By the way, what started you on this Hitlerish hate campaign against Mississippi and trailers? You sound obscessed and more than sick, you sound demented and in dire need of help. Don't e-mail me again, I don't want your perversions on my computer.

Again!? I never e-mailed her in the first place!

Killer page..keep up the good work ;) I have found that trailer parks make the best place to find cheap cars...I offer people 50 bucks for their cambird (or trans-camaro as you like to put it) and I go home witha 68 camaro ;) A few friends of mine bought a dodge dart for 100 bucks, found some abandoned moble homes (or..just looked to be) and drove through them... litteraly drove through em!! It was a trip ;)

I am a Southern Baptist and live in Mississippi. I find you to be ofensive and rude. Futhermore, you are a sick cookie! Our children are not all slow. You forget the first heart transplant was performed in Mississippi. We also gave the world Brett Favre, Walter Payton, Trent Lott, the Speaker of the House, James O. Eastland, a former Speaker of the House just to name a few. So, the next time you want to down Southerners where are you from? I don't find you funny.

I'm from Georgia, and I don't find you well educated. Trent Lott is the Senate Majority Leader and serves in the Senate, not the House. The first human heart transplant was in South Africa by Dr. Christiaan Barnard in 1967. In Mississippi, three years prior to this, Dr. James Daniel Hardy had transplanted a chimp's heart into a man.

now lets see which would i rather live in? well we got the mobile home or the apartment building in n.y. city hmm i think ill live in any mobile home as long as its in the south im an american by birth and southern by the grace of god
i can see you are one of the know it all knowing nothing yankees who get offended when someone calls you a yankee well tough shit YANKEE you won the war? really what troop were you in? the north won the war? really? what did they accomplish? the best quote ive heard recently is:"if they knew then what they know now they would have picked their own damned cotton" well that is completly true now on the picture with the "3" cars i cant see but 2 is there one youre not showing us? cant count huh well i guess you cant help that you went to school in the north by the way do the schools in the north not have a subject called "language arts"?or do they teach you people to talk like you do? i cant believe the people up there eat with the same mouth they talk with!!! oh well i dont know why im even sending this you would never put it in the web page, but youll read it thats enough enough for now see ya yankee ill be the one bringing the truck load of chicken up to the way why cant you people raise chickens up there???????????????????????????

If you think of these mobile homes as "Forts" then they are really cool. as a kid i made some forts that looked a lot like these "Homes". One had running water and a a B&W TV!

Dear Doug, The Lord Jesus Christ, God your Creator in human form, was despised, rejected, mocked and spit upon, yet was obedient unto death by crucifixion that you, Doug, would know He was God Himself, who turned death into life by dying on the cross just for you, then was raised by the power of His own Spirit from the dead, and reigns now at the right hand of the Father, that every knee shall bow, including yours, and every tongue confess, including yours, that Jesus Christ is Lord. Do you know that Jesus hated religion and addressed the Pharisees (high priests who imagined themselves superior because they followed the law, including manmade religious rules) to their faces as "you brood of vipers"? Do you understand

(Yadda, yadda, yadda...)

of Christ, promised to each believer. Read John and Romans, pray fervently and without ceasing for Him to enter you and heal you of unbelief and every curse, and He will do as He promised, bringing you every spiritual blessing, filling every need, conforming you to His image, leading you on to the place in Heaven He has already prepared just for you.

>Trivia: The first sentence of this e-mail holds the record for the longest sentence of any e-mail I've received. Faulkner would be proud.

Hi, I'm Sander Scholten from the Netherlands and I thought your page was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. And the comments you got from some of the people were even funnier. Where did these people learn how to spell? I mean, it is my second language and I can still correct them. Just letting you know I appreciate your page and some humor on the net. See ya!

Oh my GOD! When I stop laughing. I'll finish ...
OK, I'm back, had to see my bank account balance to stop laughing.

The results of the U.S. Government's continued 135 years of punishing White Southerners has resulted in their being forced to live in mobile homes. So your anti-White Southern and anti-Southern Baptist diatribe and bigotry simply proves that you also shall reap what you sow. Don't ever forget that those poor Whites living in those mobile homes are not only heavily armed but can shoot straight. And, with the continuing discrimination against them - which robs their families of food and the bare necessities of life - through job quotas/affirmative action, it is only a matter of time before they rise up against their oppressors. When one backs a tiger into a corner that cat is forced to fight his/her way out. All Southern White haters like you will be killed or driven North way before the Blacks and Messkins.

White MIssissippians and other White Southern Patriots have just about had enough of you PC anti-White Southerners. White Southern Patriots are organizing by the thousands daily. And, they are not only heavily armed, but are becoming experts in guerilla warfare. So watch your back Paul John Kelley IV.
I wasn't going to print this letter. But, it does prove that some of these folks can use a spell checker. They just have their own interesting view of the world.

There was a Texas journalist at the turn of the century who said, "The only thing wrong with Baptists is they don't hold them underwater long enough." Oddly enough this fellow was killed soon after by a shot in the back. Shot by, you guessed it, a Baptist. I imagine he prayed for forgiveness.

I sell Mobile Homes and average $90,000 a year as well as owning one for the last 8 years! Some of us drive a Lexus, hot shot! (That Trans-Camaro titled in your name??)

Please, send me a picture; I've never seen a Lexus up on blocks.

decent webpage, worth a couple of chuckles, but you're wasting your talents on overly obvious targets--don't limit yourself to mocking poor white trash, branch out to mocking wealthy white trash--may I recommend the festering eyesore that is Plano, Texas--the wealthiest suburb of Dallas--go check it out, you'll see what a Southern Babtist does with $200,000 a year to blow on ostentatious display!

Dr. Bukk provides 'patients' a limitless way to mock themselves, which is the healthiest therapy of all.

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