Funny Teeth Features

Dr. Bukk fake teeth mold only the outside surface of your upper teeth. This allows you to speak normally, drink and even pop a few hors d'oeuvres!

Dr. Bukk Teef, after perfect fitting. At right, a mirrored image showing front and back. Compare the workmanship, bite interference, smile coverage and proper height.

There is no comparison between our superior fit and the imitators. Because of the success of Dr. Bukk, who pioneered bringing folks ugly, yet realistic fake teeth at an affordable price, an army of imitators have flooded this market with cheap, easily broken and foolish-looking fake teef that have no guarantee. You will find that they never show the back side of their product, so you won't know how it fits until it's too late. Dr. Bukk's fit is patented.


FeatureDr. Bukk TeefThe Knockoffs
Bite ClosureNo material interferes with your ability to close your teeth.Similar to wearing a mouth guard. Item can break if you grind down on it.
Smile CoverageAll products completely cover your smile.To allow for size differences, these fake teef don't go much beyond your canines.
Natural AppearanceBecause they fit directly in front of your teeth, Dr. Bukk products appear more natural. Handmade and hand painted at our facility.Teef ride too low to appear realistic, hanging as much as a half inch lower than your real teeth. Made in Taiwan.
ThicknessStreamlined, thin design.Clunky. The photo speaks for itself.
Ability to talkExcellent - Dr. Bukk products are used in movies, by elite intelligence units and undercover investigators.Despite claims to the contrary, it is difficult to speak with a clump of material behind your front teeth.
Guarantee30 Days, no questionsNone
TasteNegligable, inert.Bothersome, dental impression silicone is not intended to stay in the mouth for long periods, and gives off bad tasting chemicals.
to Fit
Infinite ability to adjustNone - you get one chance.