Other Great Mobile Homes

Some folks have sent pictures of trailers in their neck of the woods. Although Mississippi isthe trailer park center of the universe, other states are naturally jealous and try to duplicate the heroic efforts of the Magnolia State. This section is dedicated to those brave individuals who are determined to bring the culture and sophistication of Mississippi to their own state. These people are to be commended for allowing the traditions of the Old South to survive and spread like the beautiful Kudzu plant. Maybe, one day, all of God's children will enjoy the glory of Mississippi's progressive accomplishments!


Can't the Clinton Lieberry archytechs come up with anything original? It's obvious they stole the plan from this Missouri Ozarks design.


This North Carolina mobile home owner decided to duplicate Mississippi's technique of "rolling" the trailer to achieve a quick, but effective, weathering. A sharp curve, a little beer, and a heavy foot is all that's needed; in seconds you have a luxurious bend in the trailer. Concrete blocks placed strategically under the "foundation" of the home will have the same result, but it takes much more time. This technique has the advantage of instant gratification.


Unearthed from a coal pit in West Virginia, this fossil has been carbon dated and analyzed extensively by researchers from the Foundation of Mobile Life Sciences. They recently released this statement, "this is the Adam and Eve of Mobile Culture. The curious personal effects carefully mounted on the exterior undoubtedly played a part in religious ceremonies. The couple would arrive at a village of ignorant static home dwellers and perform exotic rituals which involved a galvanized tin bucket, early prototypes of a waterski and a tennis raquet, and a sling blade (some folks call it a Keiser blade). The tin man riding on the back porch represented Deus ex Machina, and played a part in the climax and dénoument of their passion plays. There is no doubt they were the very first to proselytize about how cheap, good and easy life on wheels can be." The significance of this relic cannot be overstated and its current location is being kept secret.


Among the original coverts from static-dwelling was this innovative Nebraska family, who in 1923 built this mobile home and drove it to Florida and back for a family vacation. The interior curtains and exterior roll up shades guaranteed complete privacy for the family of eight, who were also credited with inventing the "layer method" of sleeping.


Are trailers disaster magnets? Imagine you and Mom'n'em (the rest of the family) are camping out next to the bayou, enjoying the song of the frogs and crickets. All of a sudden, BAM! A flying saucer slams right into the side of your trailer! As you know, aliens are constantly trying to insert probes into us humans. The family of John Preble, to whom this happened, has never been the same since. You can view this wreckage at UCM Museum in Abita Springs, Louisianna and visit with the victims.


There is a general consensus that the Seaview mobile home model is the overwhelming favorite among aliens. It can be easily modified for flight and yet attracts no attention once it lands.


This Jackson Hole Mobile Home resident implemented an ingenious, but labor-intensive way to fit in with the hoity-toity resort community...painted on logs! Also solved was the problem of burglary, so frequent with absentee resort home ownership. Look closely and you'll see a figure peering from the window...also painted on.


Here in San Diego Bay are some real boaterhomes! With the cost of beer these days, who can blame folks for dodging hook-up fees and property taxes? "We can't imagine bringing up kids who can't even ski behind their homes!", said one owner.


A deer stand from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan.


Finally, a family in Vermont displays an udderly delightful way to integrate their trailer into surrounding pastureland. "We got tired of all the bull, living in the tenderloin district, I had a beef with the landlord, so we mooved here and it's whey butter," said the owners.


Always wished for the romance of skylights? Here's the next best thing, invented by Ohioans. But watch out for that first step!


New Mexico is starting to become a low-rent Silicon Valley. Here you can take your computer to have it checked for bugs or viruses. You may get rid of the computer bugs, but then again, you might pick some new ones up.


Tanning beds and nail salons are very important to trailer folk, with the associated costs often squandering up to 25% of the monthly stipend. Here an enterprising Georgia family is constructing their own cinder block tanning studio atop their mobile home.


Wife-swapping is a fun way to pass the time in Kentucky. Here, members of the Econoline Club are he-ing and she-ing.


TRAILOR SPOTTED IN DEL MAR CALIFORNIA........Where the Hicks meet the Dicks.......or was it Where the Surf Meets the Turf??
This little beauty is a nifty way to save a lil' something so's that you can send the youngun to college! She wants to be be a VET, go to UCDAVIS, #%&@! why don't she just kick it with her mammy? She knows that someday this is all gonna be hers........She breaks down in tears every time I remind her just how blessed we truly are....... Please note the straw hay porch, the neon Flamingoes, that light up at night, set to a timer as to conserve energy.....And yes the living room window does pop out to feed the horses...... Yours truly, Miss Evelyn from the greater San Diego area. ed. note: and the owner of the Beamer is there for 'riding' lessons?


"No Name" Mobile Home Park, Pearsonville, California. Again we see the influence of genius Frank Lloyd Wright; sloping trailer ends mirroring the mountainous background. The rules at this trailer park are so relaxed, you don't even have to give your name when you sign in!


Here in Riverside County, California, people 'rilly' like to party long time! Here, cleverly disguised as an above ground swimming pool, is actually a storage vat for chemicals used in methamphetamine labs. That's why nobody cares about the mud. Party on dudes and dudettes!


Home Sweet Home! Made entirely of icing, this confectioners delight is located on Rt. 13, between main street and Rt. 281 in Cortland, New York. Stop by for a bite.


When a large object like a mobile home or Trans-camero has outlived its usefulness, disposing of it can involve costly fees, or a delightfully wicked way to get revenge! The owner of this stuff had a billing dispute with Seattle City Light, the electric utility.


From Morrow County Ohio another example of the incredible resourcefullness of mobile home dwellers. In all probability, these folks are members of the WWMD cult (What Would Martha Do?). Faced with terrible drafts and wasted HVAC dollars, they don't call 911, they don't sue manufacturers or complain to County Commissioners, no these ingenious survivors are accustomed to self-reliance and do-it-yourself, baked from scratch remedies, just like Martha. So, they made repairs with 14 square yards of duct tape, as you can see in the gray areas on this trailer. It's a good thing.


They say this is from Sebastopol, CA, but this abode has a "catfish" attitude that is unmistakably Mississippian. Could a Californian take the term "tire jack" so literally, as this Trans-Camero demonstrates? And we thought we alone enjoyed the distinction of using old trailers in lieu of storage sheds. They cost about the same and are loaded with amenities. You just can't keep a good idea in your own home state!


Say, do you want your yard to bore future archaeologists? Of course not!! Except for the rubbish of our forefathers, we wouldn't know doodly-squat about history. It's never too late to start your own future dig site AND earn money while you accumulate, like this canny North Georgia family. For a steady income, first check the local landfill to see what they won't take. Though it is unclear in this picture, this family spray-painted "Happy Birthday Jesus" on the side of the house, because it's like Christmas every day around here!


The Clinton Library.


OK. We admit it. This couple from Oregon trumped us. Such a sublime existence has not occurred to anybody in Mississippi. Our complacency as perennial leaders must have stagnated our initiative. Never mind!