Here are published some choice opinions and backlash:
My birth certificate has a space between the first and middle name but everybody here in Alabama says it al-at-once, know whut I mean? Anyway, what I'm writing to tell you is that I can't help with this reparations thing because all my extra money goes to the Eat More Opossum Foundation in Clanton, Alabama. You may have heard of David Barnett, who tried out for the Buffalo Bills football team. Well, he played linebacker at Clanton H.S. back in 1969. Just thought you might have heard of him. Anyway, if the Possum Foundation gets going good I'm planning to quit at the mill and hunt full-time. One things for sure, anybody that'll eat Spam will love Possum. We wrote a letter to the Rumsfield dude about putting ground-up Possum in the K-rations to send to the boys when we hit Saddam. A lot of good old boys will be missing it by the time they get over there and they can maybe get the damnyankees on it. Thats the way Spam got started. Wanta buy some stock?
That is an outstanding site! since my great-grandfather and his 4 brothers were confederate soldiers from the hills of alabama (g-g-paw shot in chest by damn yankee sharpshooter (ain't that kinda' like attempted murder), one brother lost an arm fighting with stonewall jackson and another brother captured at gettysburg and spending 2 years in a damn yankee prison) i would be in line for quite a handsome check.
I want my reparations, but I want MORE. Now,this is a true story, well documented:

My great-great-great grandfather, Jacob Klutz, had emigrated from Doorn, Holland sometime in the 19th Century, and settled somewhere (High Shoals?) around Watkinsville, GA. When the yankees came through that area (on the so-called Stoneman Raid?) the yankees were pillaging and plundering, as was their purpose in living off the land.

When some of the raiders, with an officer reputedly in charge, came through Watkinsville; Grandpa Klutz (who had lost his only son, George, who was mortally wounded the same day as Stonewall Jackson in the Battle of Chancellorsville while fighting as a private in Jackson's Corps) and a man known as "Uncle Charlie" Burger, went out and berated the yankees for their gross misconduct. The yankees apprehended Grandpa Klutz and "Uncle Charlie," and rode off with them. Several days later, "Uncle Charlie" reappeared. Grandpa Klutz was never heard from again.

I believe that what I have described is a war crime. (I descended from Grandpa Klutz's daughter, Almedia Klutz Jones.) I think all or Grandpa Klutz's descendants should receive reparations of $10,000,000.00 from the yankee nation, generally governed by the federal government since the end of the War of Northern Aggression.

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I think I can prove my southern roots! I like NASCAR. I once visited Alabama and I have a motel receipt to prove it. I passed your redneck test. What else could I need?

Granted, I'm from Pennsylvania, but, I'm lazy and shiftless and I'm missing a few teeth. That must mean something!

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