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Please note that clicking on a tooth style will sometimes display a person wearing that style and it may show you tooth options. Try it! Many styles are also available with a light stain paint job.

Protruding Styles

Freddie Mercury - Complete your Freddie Mercury costume. Is this just fantasy? You can escape from reality. Because they're easy on easy off! Only brand that lets you talk! Look out at your fans and SING!

Bukk - Eat corn on the cob through a picket fence with these 45 degree angled chompers. Very noticeable, even at a distance.

She Bangs - Thick in the front for a very pronounced overbite.

Cowcatcher - Similar to the mighty popular Bukks, with a twist, like the front of an old train. 

The Final Four - We all have our priorities. "What good are they iffen y'all can't see 'em?"

YouDahMan - You may not play golf like a champ, but you can look like one.

Nanny - Want perfectly obedient children? Give these a try!

Mildly Annoying Styles

Chikklets - Goofy trip in the Way-Back Machine - two giant, flat teeth with an elongated bit of gum between them. Very funny and non-threatening.

Shagadelic -Polish up your fake English accent and fend off dozens of sexy babes.

Speed Teeth - Gnawed down to the nubs, with miles of gum. These teeth look like you slapped them on a belt sander.

Zipper -Great with a mustache! These teeth are stacked like cordwood and crowded like Japanese commuters.

Gnarly - Fit right in at your local outlaw biker's bar. Described by some as Neanderthal, or Ass-Whippin' Teef.

Dweeb - Looking like a dain-bramaged cretin can enhance life in so many ways. Who can resist?

Barf Alert Styles

Bodnia (Hurts-When-It-Goes-In-Ya) - One front toof has an infected gum and is dying, and it shares its disgusting cavity with its larger neighbor.

Eleanor Roosevelt - Long, liberal teeth with recessionary gums. Freddy Mercury fans like the light version.

Lombardi - Awesome front line of the great Packers coach.

Tuskany - Somebody back in the fambly tree was a warthog, and you still can't resist eating dirt to this day.

Gone To Seed- A glimpse into the future. Your teeth are looking a lot like seed corn.

Smoker - Three convenient cigarette holders for hands free multitasking. These dangle down a bit so best for those whose teeth don't show so much.

The Real McKoys - flaunt your fecundity and frequently find yourself in a 'fambly' way.

Our Most Revolting Styles

Summer Teef - Some are here, some are not.

Incest - With an emerging tooth and gumsore, you'll never have to squeal like a pig again.

Sole Survivor - Perfect facial contraception. Guaranteed to prevent STD's.

Halloween Styles

Sukkula - Classic vampire teeth for your Twilight fantasies and Dracula costume.

Dinka - Pointed teeth go well with tribal tattoos.

It - From the delightfully sick mind of Stephen King.

Woody- Perfect for Zombies or the Living Dead.

Cosmetic Styles

Our very hot seller the Imako Cosmetic Shell for Teeth