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Please note that clicking on a tooth style will sometimes display a person wearing that style and it may show you tooth options. Try it! Many styles are also available with a light stain paint job.

Protruding Styles

Bukk - Eat corn on the cob through a picket fence with these 45 degree angled chompers. Very noticeable, even at a distance.

She Bangs - Thick in the front for a very pronounced overbite.

ƜberBukk - Huge sprocket-like foursome that draw attention for miles. Great for clowns, but not very realistic.

Cowcatcher - Similar to the mighty popular Bukks, with a twist, like the front of an old train. 

The Final Four - We all have our priorities. "What good are they iffen y'all can't see 'em?"

YouDahMan - You may not play golf like a champ, but you can look like one.

Nanny - Want perfectly obedient children? Give these a try!

Mildly Annoying Styles

Chikklets - Goofy trip in the Way-Back Machine - two giant, flat teeth with an elongated bit of gum between them. Very funny and non-threatening.

Shagadelic -Polish up your fake English accent and fend off dozens of sexy babes.

Speed Teeth - Gnawed down to the nubs, with miles of gum. These teeth look like you slapped them on a belt sander.

Zipper -Great with a mustache! These teeth are stacked like cordwood and crowded like Japanese commuters.

Gnarly - Fit right in at your local outlaw biker's bar. Described by some as Neanderthal, or Ass-Whippin' Teef.

Dweeb - Looking like a dain-bramaged cretin can enhance life in so many ways. Who can resist?

Barf Alert Styles

Bodnia (Hurts-When-It-Goes-In-Ya) - One front toof has an infected gum and is dying, and it shares its disgusting cavity with its larger neighbor.

Eleanor Roosevelt - Long, liberal teeth with recessionary gums. Freddy Mercury fans like the light version.

Lombardi - Awesome front line of the great Packers coach.

Tuskany - Somebody back in the fambly tree was a warthog, and you still can't resist eating dirt to this day.

Gone To Seed- A glimpse into the future. Your teeth are looking a lot like seed corn.

Smoker - Three convenient cigarette holders for hands free multitasking. These dangle down a bit so best for those whose teeth don't show so much.

The Real McKoys - flaunt your fecundity and frequently find yourself in a 'fambly' way.

Our Most Revolting Styles

Summer Teef - Some are here, some are not.

Incest - With an emerging tooth and gumsore, you'll never have to squeal like a pig again.

Sole Survivor - Perfect facial contraception. Guaranteed to prevent STD's.

Halloween Styles

Sukkula - Classic vampire teeth for your Twilight fantasies and Dracula costume.

Dinka - Pointed teeth go well with tribal tattoos.

It - From the delightfully sick mind of Stephen King.

Woody- Perfect for Zombies or the Living Dead.

Cosmetic Styles

Our very hot seller the Imako Cosmetic Shell for Teeth